Hook and loop from the hook and loop tape manufacturer kragoTEC® is an extremely secure textile touch-and-close fastener for use in numerous applications.

Our kragoTec® hook and loop tape in industrial grade material is used everywhere you need a dependable connection which can be loosened again. Our industrial hook and loop tape-is an all-rounder: self-adhesive, weldable, it can be ironed on or stitched on. This is also the case because as hook and loop tape manufacturers we make a great effort to ensure a high quality in our hook and loop products.

The multitude of applications for our hook and loop tapes knows no bounds: Our hook and loop tapes can be used for securing cables and leads, as a fixing aid in the furniture industry, as fasteners for cushions and clothing or when decorating materials.

Do you have any other ideas or a question on the possible uses of hook and loop tape? We are happy to support you with advice and our actions.

Hanging Up Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Our hook and loop tape is excellently suited to hanging curtains, picture frames and other objects.
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Organising Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Tidying cables, organising the writing desk, tidying up work places. Our hook and loop tape is the organising force for day to day office work
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Decorating Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Our hook and loop tape provides decorative elements strong and flexible support and does not provide any problems whatsoever either when redecorating.
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kragoTEC Hook And Loop As A Fastener

The term hook and loop fastener says it all. Hook and loop tape is a first-rate choice when we are dealing with fastening.
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Fixing Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Items and products can be safely and flexibly fixed in place using hook and loop tape.
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kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape As A Spacer

Hook and loop tape does not only form a good separator as a cushioning insert in camera cases, but also in many other cases.
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