10,000 Touches

kragoTEC® hook and loop tape for sewing on, ironing on or gluing on is the perfect solution for example for fixing textiles on the surfaces of your choice. This makes hook and loop tape a diverse partner when decorating. All the same whether you are using our hook and loop tape for sewing on, ironing on or decorative elements: In each case it provides decorative elements secure and flexible support.

Thanks to the approximately 10,000 „opening and closing cycles“ of our hook and loop tape, you do not need to sew hook and loop tape on again and again each time, or glue it on, but can reposition objects you have fitted with it according to your wish and taste in a new way each time. For flexible connections lasting many years.

Do you have any questions on decorating using hook and loop tape? Please feel free to contact us.

Hook And Loop Fasteners

kragoTEC® hook and loop fasteners in the main consist of woven polyamide, polyester or polyolefin fibres.
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Double-Sided Hook And Loop Tape

kragoTEC® double hook-and-loop tape (also called back to back or double-sided hook and loop tape) consists of polyamide
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Hook And Loop Spots

kragoTEC® hook and loop spots with hotmelt adhesive are made of prepressed hook tape and fleece tape hook and loop spots or round blanks – ideal for packaging, trade fair exhibition stand assemblies, decorations and much more too.
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Velour Tape

kragoTEC® hook and loop velour tape is a machine-knitted product providing an optimum connection to mushroom tape.
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Weitere Anwendungen

Hanging Up Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Our hook and loop tape is excellently suited to hanging curtains, picture frames and other objects.
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Organising Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Tidying cables, organising the writing desk, tidying up work places. Our hook and loop tape is the organising force for day to day office work
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kragoTEC Hook And Loop As A Fastener

The term hook and loop fastener says it all. Hook and loop tape is a first-rate choice when we are dealing with fastening.
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Fixing Using kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape

Items and products can be safely and flexibly fixed in place using hook and loop tape.
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kragoTEC Hook And Loop Tape As A Spacer

Hook and loop tape does not only form a good separator as a cushioning insert in camera cases, but also in many other cases.
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