An Outdoor Hook And Loop Fastener Which Will Go Anywhere With You

kragoTEC® hook and loop tape has become irreplaceable in the entire leisure industry to-day. You will find a range of our hook and loop fasteners outdoors in many leisure industry products: our kragoTEC® Outdoor hook and loop tape has been installed in almost every tent or sleeping bag, in almost every groundsheet and in almost every mobile home.

In this way kragoTEC® hook and loop fasteners have to-day become an irreplaceable "fixer". Due to its high resistance to the cold, heat and dampness the kragoTEC® hook and loop fastener to-day has become the best outdoor solution if something must remain in a good steady state, and remain durable for a long time. Our hook and loop tape is also very well-liked in water sports. Precisely sail-fabric manufacturers swear by our hook and loop tape for the Outdoors.

Do you have any questions on our hook and loop fasteners in the Outdoors, camping or boating? Please feel free to contact us.

Hook And Loop Fasteners

kragoTEC® hook and loop fasteners in the main consist of woven polyamide, polyester or polyolefin fibres.
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The origin of hook and loop fasteners lies, as even the name suggests, in fastening technology.
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Mushroom Tape

Mushroom tape is a quality woven material with a high vertical tensile strength for strong bonding.
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Double-Sided Hook And Loop Tape

kragoTEC® double hook-and-loop tape (also called back to back or double-sided hook and loop tape) consists of polyamide
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