Velour Tapes

The kragoTEC® velour tape is a machine-knitted product which connects to mushroom tape in an optimum way. In this way our velour tape is available in many different designs and widths. Amongst other things it is also available as self-adhesive velour tape or as a wide product up to1.5 metres wide.

The velours we use consist of machine-knitted polyamide and are sufficient without sewing edges. Our kragoTEC® mushroom velour fasteners in addition has a low fastening density and the highest lateral tensile strength.

The same as with our mushroom tapes, our velour tapes amongst other things also fulfil the requirements of DIN 3415 and we deliver in conformance with REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006.

Our velour tapes are used above all for building exhibition stands, in orthopaedics and medical technology as well as in upholstery and the dry-cleaning industry. Especially if you are from one of these sectors our velour tape is therefore a good choice for you.

Do you have any questions on our velour tape? Feel free to contact us.


Our kragoTEC® velour tape is a polyamide machine-knitted product and together with our kragoTEC® mushroom tape has a very good shearing force.
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Self-Adhesive HT3

Our kragoTEC® Hotmelt HT3 Velour tape combines the properties of our velour tape with those of the self-adhesive hotmelt coating.
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Wide Velour

Our kragoTEC® wide velours tape is machine-knitted from polyamide and has a surface area weight of some 300 g/m2.
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