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About Krago

For over 160 years the name Krahnen & Gobbers has stood for the development, manufacture and sale of high quality materials and textiles.

As medium-sized family business with company headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia in Krefeld, Krahnen & Gobbers has been there for their customers for more than 160 years.

Whoever wants to set the standards must regularly embark on new paths. This was the same 160 years ago when Conrad Wilhelm Krahnen and Wilhelm Gobbers founded their  weaving mill for broad textiles in 1854– and this really is true for the modern day.

With our extensive product range and our large store, we are at all times in a position to respond to all customer-focussed requirements at short notice. We can deliver a wide range of hook and loop tapes within 24 hours from our warehouse. We are already a reliable partner for all types of commercial businesses and would be happy to convince you of our efficiency!

„kragoTEC® Hook And Loop Fasteners - Fast, Secure, Binding".