Back To Back Mushroom/Velour Tape

The combination of double-sided mushroom and velour tape as "Back-to-back" hook and loop tape combines mushroom tape with velour tape.  In this way the double-sided mushroom and velour tape is especially well suited to more delicate applications.


Mushroom/Velour, Y50101
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Material mushroom: polypropylene micro hook: polyamide velour: polyamide
Width in mm 16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50, other widths available on request
Colours 1, 31, further colours available on request
Length on the roll 25 m/roll
Properties good shearing and peeling forces, recyclable, easiest handling
Examples of Use bundling, wrapping around, holding in place, organising
Certificates & standards none
Availability short term delivery


Hook and loop fasteners are the best solution for many areas of application and many fields of use. In particular hook tapes and loop tapes provide a strong and reversible swift fastening and are used to-day in almost every branch of industry. We direct ourselves here with our product range of hook and loop fasteners directly to the customers’ wishes and needs. No matter whether you prefer your hook and loop tape to be self-adhesive or double-sided; whether your require velour tape or mushroom tape: At kragoTEC® you will find the product you require in the quality you need it in.

For the various qualities of our hook and loop tapes, e.g. self-adhesive, flame-retardant or washable, provide the best solution possible for every application and every requirement. According to robustness or resistance, opening cycles, material characteristics, hook and loop connective force and adhesive force you will find the appropriate kragoTEC® hook and loop fasteners in our company.

kragoTEC® hook and loop fasteners – from self-adhesive hook and loop tape right through to velour tape – are used worldwide in all sectors of industry, such as the furniture industry, tent-making, for camping accessories, the textile industry, medical technology, construction, the aviation industry, the automotive industry and in the packaging industry.